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About me

Inspired by "The Incredibles" and "Starcraft", I took on a liking to 3D. Computer games and movies had always been a part of my younger years, I had been a fan of drawing various illustrations ranging from anime characters to mythical creatures. 


The interest grew when I entered Polytechnic and later enrolled into DigiPen Singapore. Later, movies such as Marvel's Avengers and Transformers energised me into pursuing higher knowledge and skills.


Download my CV here!


-4 years in Modelling , Texturing and Lighting.


-4 years in 3D Animation. 


-3 years in Digital painting and editing.


-3 years in Video edit.




-Experience in Adobe Flash.


-Some skills to program in Python.


-Autodesk 3DS Max.


-Autodesk Maya.


-Adobe Photoshop.


-Adobe After Effects.


-Adobe Flash.

[WHALES OF THE WORLD] by Singapore Science Centre

- Lead animator for a 30-minutes documentary.

- Modeled the environments and assets.

- Simulated realistic water with BiFrost.

- Complete all animation four months before scheduled release.

- Studied the behaviour, movement and flow of different marine mammals.

- Film will be showed at three prime time slots a day at Singapore Science
  Centre, Omni Theatre.



- A 3-minutes film consisting of 6-man team.

- Designed the storyboard and animatics.

- Directed the art style and flow of the film.

- Concepted the environment and assets (Digital paintings).

- Modelled 2 of the 4 environments.

- Animated the full layout of the film.

- Designed the lighting for all 7 of the 10 shots.



- Designed the storyline and flow.

- Conceptualised the style and look.

- Modelled the dungeon environment.

- Modelled the escaping prisoner.

- Lighted the scene to dungeon setting.

- Animated the entire film.


-DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore.

-Republic Polytechnic.


-3 months immersion programme in Seattle. [MAY 2014 - AUG 2014]

[SEPT 2012 - APR 2016]

[APR 2007 - APR 2010]

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